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RP Log - Tezuka/Kisarazu A. [Apr. 19th, 2005|06:25 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG
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Date: Somewhere in March
Rating: G
Summary: Atsushi wants answers. Tezuka's not about to give them to him.

The little mail didn't really say much. Come to my office it said. But that didn't matter. Kisarazu Atsushi knew that it was important. It was from his boss, and that meant said boss maybe would have something to say about Fuji Syusuke and the later's resignment from the force, a matter that troubled Kisarazu greatly. It was all so sudden and seemingly without any reason. And from what he had gathered in Fuji's journal, the genius wasn't too thrilled about the matter either.

Atsushi got up and put his computer on stand by before gathering his things - his jacket, a cup of coffee and the sad remains of a rice ball. He finished the rice ball, wiped his mouth, took an extra look in the mirror to make sure he looked his best, greeted a few co-workers and then he found himself in front of Tezuka's office. He politely knocked on the door, calling out: "Sir! Kisarazu Atsushi here, sir! You wanted to see me?"

Tezuka massaged his temples and leaned back into his swivel chair. It had been days since Fuji had last contacted him and he was worried.

He did not know if he had made the right choice in letting Fuji go solo but he did know the dire consequences of his choice should anything go wrong.

He prayed hard that nothing would go wrong. At least for now.

The knock startled him out from his thoughts and he quickly got back into his normal mode. "Come in." As the door opened, he conveniently switched his monitor off for just then, a new email message had arrived from Syuusuke Fuji.

It would be unwise to let Atsushi see it.

Atsushi thought he might have seen his officer make some sort of movement at the computer - did he turn it on or off maybe? - but he could have easily been mistaken. He made a polite bow before speaking. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Tezuka gestured towards the chair. Once Atsushi had seated himself, Tezuka cleared his throat.

"I trust you know by now that Fuji has resigned from the police force." He paused as he noticed the slight uneasiness in the young man's eyes. "I called you in because I felt I needed to clarify certain things regarding his resignation since you're his partner, or rather, were."

Tezuka cleared his throat again. He could sense a sore throat coming on.

"Fuji has voluntarily resigned for personal reasons which I am not liable to disclose. In addition, it is his wish that you cease any contact with him." Momentarily, Tezuka swore that he saw a glint of hurt flash in the officer's eyes then. Suddenly, a prickly, nagging feeling started to bug him. He just did not know what it was.

Fuji wanted them to cease any contact? Atsushi couldn't believe his ears. That couldn't be true, could it? After they had seemed to gotten along so great and everything... They even had sex, didn't that count for anything? He must have done something wrong; otherwise Fuji wouldn't feel that way, would he? Atsushi fought with himself, part of him wanted to crawl away from the office and just hide away somewhere and sulk, but that was hardly appropriate. He tried to collect himself and took a deep breath. "I... I understand." But he didn't understand. He fought the urge to reach over and grab Tezuka by the collar, shake the man and demand from him an explanation to what was going on. "I will do as you say, sir."

Tezuka noted Atsushi's reaction with mounting interest. There was definitely something fishy going on between Atsushi and Fuji. After all, Tezuka had topped his class for psychology in university.

Then again, he had nothing to do with their personal affairs. If there were any in the first place. But on the other hand, if there was indeed something going on between the both of them, it might prove disastrous for the undercover operation if Atsushi attempted to contact Fuji.

"It's good that you understand. Secondly, all operations for the phone tapping case will cease. I have decided not to pursue this case anymore as there are more urgent matters which I will assign you to look into shortly this week." Tezuka looked through the various case files and flipped quickly through them. They were small cases but at least, they would distract Atsushi for a while, or so he hoped.

"Understood, Atsushi?"

Something was definitely wrong. Atsushi got up from his chair and nodded, not one to push the matter further in spite of him worrying over Fuji's well being. "Yes, sir", he said, making a polite bow. He nodded again, then turned to leave, stopping just right in front of the door.

What was he doing? Something was definitely up and even if it really wasn't his business to begin with, he still was worried, and Fuji had been his partner, if only for a short period of time. Atsushi turned around and walked over to Tezuka's desk, slamming down his hands on top of it.

"You will have to excuse me, sir, but I lied. I don't understand. I don't understand any of this, and I know something's extremely wrong. Has something happened to Fuji-san? If it has, if he's in any trouble, why won't you let me help him? Or is it that I've done something wrong? Sir, I..."

Finally the thoughts processed in his mind and he realized just exactly what he was doing. Atsushi gasped and took a step backwards, eyes wide in shock. There went my employment down the drain... he thought with a sinking heart, and then he stuttered: "Fo-- Forgive me, sir..."

Tezuka was mildly surprised even though he did not show it. He was certain by now that Fuji and Atsushi were more than just 'partners' but that was something of secondary concern.

"I understand your concern for Fuji but I am not obliged to divulge his reasons for resigning. Whatever his reasons are for wanting to cease contact with you, I do not have the slightest idea." Tezuka closed the file he had been flipping through earlier and adjusted his glasses. "I am merely a messenger and I believe I have told you everything which you need to know."

It was really not fair to Atsushi. Tezuka knew it was unfair but he had to do the unpleasant bit of it anyway. It was the best he could do for everyone, including Fuji.

In a less harsh tone, Tezuka continued. "Atsushi, you are still young. There are many things which you do not know but you will have to learn to grapple with them eventually. As a police officer, your primary duty is to serve the country by taking care of the citizens' safety and well-being. Never forget that."

The young man's head was bowed down in shame and regret. Tezuka hoped he hadn't been too harsh. "If there's nothing else, you may leave. I'll pardon your earlier outburst but I hope that you'll have better control of your emotions in future."

"Thank you very much", Atsushi mumbled, forcing himself to lift his head and look Tezuka more or less straight in the eyes. He made a quick bow and then excused himself, stumbling out from Tezuka's office. As he walked towards his own desk, the only coherent thought in his mind was: I have to find Fuji. Now!