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Log: Fuji/Tezuka [May. 27th, 2005|08:34 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


NEW LOG!! Come on guys, this com isn't dead yet.

Date: Somewhere in April
Rating: G
Summary: Things heat up between Tezuka and Fuji, though not quite yet.

Shyuusuke looked around the corner once again. It was nearly time for Tezuka to arrive. At thier previous meeting they had agreed to meet up in a rather... interesting part of town to say the least. It was an area where the Yakuza frequented, and where provided a change of dress, both could be totally unrecognized, and ignored. Shyuusuke had asked Tezuka to come dressed in slightly punk or ripped clothing. The area was known for it's not so legal prostitution of some of the finest illegal immigrants into Tokyo. While it had at first been tempting to play Tezuka off as a wealthy bussinessman, it would be too easy for him to be recognized, and if any Yakuza found out it would be used for blackmail on the police force. If Tezuka were to prove his innocence, he would have to do so by exposing the undercover mission, which he wouldn't be able to do, and nothing but headaches could come out of that scenerio. Shyuusuke himself was dressed in a traditional blue silk chinese dress with red accents. The slits on the sides rode indecently high, while the cut for the neck, seemed rather low cut. The heels were covered in matching designs to the dress and made Fuji stand practically on his toes.

Looking into a small bag he brought with him he checked the time, Tezuka would arrive in 15 minutes. Anyone watching would dismiss the meeting and knowing what would happen would also give them a large degree of privacy. Morals may not have been strong in the area, but there was a basic respect for what everyone was there for. Adjusting his wig, Shyuusuke leaned back against the brick wall of the alley. Just what would be Tezuka's reaction to actually seeing him dressed like this? He couldn't help but think of the various scenerios. Well, at least that would keep him entertained.

Tezuka found himself at a loss when he received Fuji's specific instructions on the dress code. He had opened his wardrobe, combing carefully through every piece of clothing and was still unable to find anything punkish-looking or ripped.

After all, one could hardly blame him because he had been brought up in a rather conservative family where ripped clothing were simply a no-no.

Instead, Tezuka ended up taking a shirt, ripping a hole here and there as well ripping his only pair of jeans. (He preferred wearing pants) When he looked into the mirror, he decided that he might as well go all the way and messed up his hair to look more punkish, adding a dash of hair gel here and there.

Such fashion tips were easy to pick up, especially so from the many youths he had hauled from the streets and detained at the police station many a times.

Tezuka glanced at his watch. He was on time. He walked round to corner to meet Fuji at the designated place only to be greeted a sight he would haver NEVER EVER thought of even in his wildest dreams. And that was just only the back.

"Fuji." was all he could manage to spit out just then as the young man turned to look at him.

"Looking for someone, big boy?" He asked, winking at Tezuka and motioning for him to follow further into the alley.

Once they were further away from the street he wrapped his arms around Tezuka's neck, pulling himself closer to the taller man. "Just play along until we get to the room." He whispered into Tezuka's ear. "If we aren't suspicious noone will even bother us." Shyuusuke was thankful that with his face by the captain's neck, that his cheeks which were slightly flushed were hidden. He could feel way too well the form of Tezuka's well muscled body. Maybe he could have a little fun though.

place from the start.

Tezuka had a strong urge to pry off those arms around his neck but for the sake of not attracting unwanted attention, he resisted it. His muscles tensed up immediately and akwardly placed his arms around Fuji's waist.

"How long are we supposed to do this for? And what's this deal about a room?!" Tezuka hissed, clearly uncomfortable and pissed off. "I'm not here for SEX!"

Fuji pulled back incredilous. "Sir." he said, giving his superior officer a look of disbelief, his voice dropping out of the effemine tone he had been using. Glancing around and noticing movement on the street, he went back to whispering in Tezuka's ear, not wanting to blow cover at this point. "The only way we can possibly have a chance of discussing this in privacy is to play the role. I am not here for any other reason. I'm not sure what ideas you are considering, but let me assure you that this is not a fun task on my part." Tezuka was being very unprofessional. Giving it a moment of thought he realised it was probably due to his discomfort at the situation.

He pulled back and grabbed Tezuka's hand, still praying that the only word anyone around would have heard was the word "sex" and not the rest of it. If they did... then the yakuza would probably be more interested in what was going on. That was the last thing he needed, some of his friends in the yakuza hearing about his drag efforts. "It's this way." he said with a wink. Looks like he wouldn't be having any fun with Tezuka after all.

Tezuka immediately regretted those words when he saw the look of disbelief on Fuji's face. Before he could apologize, Fuji had already started dragging him along.

One could hardly blame the commissioner because he never visited such places, unless it was to haul suspects back to the station but then again, he got his subordinates to do that most of the time. Unfamiliar places and situations always gave Tezuka a headache as they made him feel helpless, out of control. And Tezuka hated being out of control.

Lowering his voice, Tezuka tried to apologize. "Look, I'm sorry..." His voice cut off when he turned back and realized that two men were trailing beind. He mentally cursed himself for the earlier outburst.

After another 5 metres, the two guys were still following them and Tezuka knew something had to be done to shake them off. Desperate times called for desperate measures and he couldn't risk exposing Fuji's and his identities now! He stopped suddenly and pulled Fuji towards him, catching the young man by surprise and pushed him against the wall, doing the only thing he could to salvage the damned situation owing to his unprofessionalism.

Tezuka knew the two men were watching and looking straight into the blue eyes of the other, he mouthed a quick 'sorry' and kissed Fuji.

When Tezuka had tried to appologize, a move that to Fuji would have made it seem even more obvious, he noticed some familar faces. 'Shit!' he thought, they were going to be watched.

For a genius police office, Tezuka sure had made a couple of stupid mistakes. Chances were, things would look worse before better. The only way to get privacy from others would be to make loud noises once they were alone. Something that would no doubt cause Tezuka to blow cover again... Shyuusuke resisted the urge to throttle his superior and just smiled wider.

After a few more steps he felt Tezuka jerk to a stop. Just as he was about to ask why, he was pulled close and Tezuka was...

What was Tezuka doing?! His face burned bright red. A sorry was the last thing he heard before an unfamilar pair of lips were on his.

He snapped to his senses, mind catching up to the situation. Any hesitation would be thier downfall. Shyuuske wrapped his arms around Tezuka's neck, kissing him back.

A moan slipped out of his mouth before he could catch it. 'Be professional, Shyuusuke.' he reminded himself as his body began to get a bit too comfortable with the situation. Playing a dangerous game, like he had been, required one thing, planning. 'Just follow Tezuka's lead.' he told himself 'If things go wrong, there's a back up plan waiting.'

With Fuji's lips mashed against his, Tezuka's only thought was to shake the two men off. The stakes were high. Very high indeed.

Yet, he couldn't ignore the fact that kissing Fuji had turned out to be somewhat more pleasurable than expected. Mentally smacking himself, he pushed that thought aside and concentrated on the task at hand-- To get the two guys off their backs.

In a desperate attempt to make the whole scene seem convincing enough, Tezuka's hand reached for Fuji's thigh which had been exposed by his high-cut dress. Oh crap. Tezuka knew little about such stuff since he hardly DID such things and he tried desperately to recall all those love scenes from all the sappy Hollywood movies.

Well, it did work in the end as Tezuka the two men snort, with one saying rather sacarstically that people really should go get a room since the rates were so darn cheap. A rustling of footsteps could be heard and the two were gone.

Just when he had elected to be professional, Tezuka's hand ran up his thigh.

A thought crossed Shyuusuke's mind. He could be professional, and still enjoy himself. Afterall, he was the one that was leading them to the hotel, depending on what he choose, who knows what the situation could call for.

Fuji, pretending to be unaware of the two men leaving, continued his work on rubbing his knee against the inside of Tezuka's upper thigh, a free hand slipping under the ripped shirt to run up the warm bare skin beneith.

Pulling his face to the side of Tezuka's head he whispered, "How am I doing, Tezuka-san?" his voice catching to make him pant the words into the other man's ear.

"Knock. It. Off." Tezuka hissed softly into Fuji's ear. The young man was making him feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable, especially when said latter's knee was rubbing against HIS thigh and hand was roaming his back.

He could feel the area around his groin grow tight. Shit. This was not definitely not happening. But it was just a natural response his body made which he could not control. And Tezuka was not pleased at all with this.

Seeing that the two men were out of sight already, Tezuka called it quits and got off Fuji, prying Fuji's hand off him in the process. He glared at Fuji.

"Let's go." was all he could manage after a moment of akward silence because he could feel his face heating up.

Fuji smiled sheepishly at Tezuka. "Sorry sir. I just don't want to have us get caught." He pretended to be embaressed and appologetic in his tone of voice when speaking.

Getting back ahead of Tezuka, he pulled him along, feeling the tension growing in the air and keeping silent. He lead them to a cheaply decorated building, shabily built up to look like a european castle, with a neon sign reading "Kingdom of Love".

Fuji winked at the door man and was handed a large shiny plastic key, painted silver, with a jeweled number 304 on it. Without saying a word, he pulled Tezuka up the two flights of stairs.

"Kingdom of Love"? Tezuka only shook his head when he saw the sign. Although he had a very strong inclination to turn and leave, it was all part of the job.

They entered a small room which was suriprisingly, rather well-furnished. Tezuka opted to sit on the chair instead of on the bed and waited for Fuji to settle down.

"So, what have you uncovered, Fuji?"

Fuji made sure that the door was locked and listened for a moment to any movement nearby before he moved into the room.

Shyuusuke sat on the floor by Tezuka's feet, making sure that if someone were to break in suddenly, it would be easier to cover what was going on. "I haven't been able to meet with both of them personally, but I've gathered up two names. " he whispered, trying to keep from being overheard. "The most important of the two is Aoyama Kenichi. He's apparently the one most responisble. He's incredibly dangerous and will not think twice of killing someone for giving him the wrong look. I bore witness to this when I met up with him a week ago. He is at the very head of the operation to bug the phone lines.
" I was told about someone named Ryuzaki. Unfortunately I couldn't find something more specific than a family name, but anyone with that name should be watched carefully. I'm trying to find out their connection to things and if you find anything, let me know, since I'm still trying to geta chance to meet with them."

Fuji looked up at Tezuka, seeing his commander already thinking the information through.

Moving a bit closer he asked, "What should I do next?"

Ryuuzaki? Why did that name sound so familiar? It seemed like only a few days ago when he had last saw that name and he was fairly certain that he had not seen it at the police officer. Ryuuzaki...Hmm.

Tezuka frowned and clasped his hands together in deep thought. This was not making sense. The only thing he could think of was that the yakuza were on the lookout for this person called Ryuuzaki but it was evident there was no Ryuuzaki person in the keisatsu, so why even bother tapping the phone lines? It was not as if the yakuza could not access the tips on raids and sudden operations. Tezuka knew that there were spys in the police force who freely provided such information but that would be dealt with later.

"I think the best thing for you to do right now is to find out as much as you can about this Ryuuzaki person." Tezuka said. "As for Ayoma Kenichi, try to get close to him if possible to find out the yakuza's exact motive for wanting to bug the keisatsu phone lines." Tezuka closed his eyes and paused for a while. "I think that's the best you can do, for now, Fuji."

It seemed like he would have to continue being undercover for a while longer. Well that meant life was going to be boring. He'd have to ask Hana-sama for more details on Aoyama so he could get the man removed from the yakuza. If he coudl, he'd need the man to get shot. If only shoot outs weren't so dangerous, he'd try to set one up.

"So far what I've found out about the phone tapping is that they lost thier spy in the police department, so they need some way to monitor the police movements while they try to establish a new spy. Thier old spy apparently was transfered to a different department and was unable to provide the same quality of information. I also hear that they're about to launch another attempt to hack into our computer system in order to erase information on all the police officers. They figure that way it will be easier to slip in one of thier own."

Fuji looked at Tezuka. "The yazuka are quietly planning. But once they are finished, there's going to be a large movement. And I found out who in police force they plan on trying ot eliminate first..." Fuji looked down at the ground, as if unable to continue.

Something definitely had to be done about the spys. Tezuka was getting pretty sick of moles in the keisatsu. He mentally ticked that off to be left to Hirai-san who complained a lot recently over having nothing to do.

"Continue." Tezuka said as he leaned back into what little comfort the chair could provide. "Don't stop."

Shyuusuke looked upward, distraught at the request to continue. "Sir I..." his head dropped back down again, knowing he would have to continue. "They want to get rid of the one person in the police force that's most likely to cause them problems. The one in charge of organizing all the police missions.... Sir... they want to get you out of thier way. I don't think they're planning on killing you but... it's just that..." he couldn't go on.

Would Tezuka think he was too emotionally attached by that little dramatic display? Well... no matter. What was done was done, and that's all there was to it. It wasn't a complete lie either. The yazuka were always trying to dig up dirt to try to get Tezuka booted off the force so they could place someone less effective in his stead. But so far they hadn't been able to do it. A hit however, would be far too much work and would be more likely to give away what the yakuza were up to. Hence one of the many reasons for actually tapping the phone lines.

"I'm sorry sir... I'm being unprofessional."

Fuji seemed a little too dramatic, or so Tezuka thought. By agreeing to take on the role of heading the keisatsu, Tezuka was very much aware of the risks the job encompassed. In fact, it was common knowledge being a police officer was a dangerous job. Much as he had this little nagging suspicion creeping up, he forced it aside.

Tezuka was not going to doubt Fuji. Not now, at least.

"You need not get too worried over this. The yakuza can't do much anyway. At the most, someone will replace me." Tezuka said, unconcerned. He got up from the chair. "I have to go now. If anything crops up, alert me."


Fuji didn't know what to say. How could someone take themselves so lightly? Even if it was the truth, it was hard to think of one's self as replaceable usually.

His mental alert went off. Something was not right. Or something was going to go very wrong. "Sir!" Fuji grabbed Tezuka's arm. He had to know why there was such a barrier to emotion. He wanted to see if Tezuka was hiding his feelings or if he coudl possiblybe so cold.

Tezuka looked at Fuji straight in the eye, his eye resolute as it always had been. "It's only a fact of life that police officers get killed in the line of duty." He said simply. "And I'll be more than willing to die for my country. I'm sure you would, wouldn't you Fuji?"

He lightly took Fuji's arm off him and adjusted his glasses.

"Worry more about yourself, Fuji-san. I'll be off then."

Shyuusuke felt a bit insulted. "Of course, sir. Take care on your way out, sir." He smiled his usual smile. It meant nothing, except that he was masking his emotions under it. He was suddenly very angry. To think that he had honestly tried to protect this man...

Fuji couldn't wait until he would leave. The stupid dress he had on was hurting his ribs the way it pulled so tightly on his chest, and he didn't even want to think of the pain in his groin from having to conseal his manhood. He went through all this work just so that Tezuka woudl be able to recieve the information he wanted, and what was the payment for it? A slap in the face would have been easier to deal with.

Not that he could explain what it was or why it was that he was angry, he just felt it. Which just made him smile wider, become more polite. He bowed to Tezuka.

The meeting with Fuji had proven to be more than just a meeting. Tezuka had been using it to test Fuji, to appear indifferent to the latter's efforts and ignite a reaction but surprisingly, Fuji had done a good job of masking it well, if he had any reaction in the first place.

Not that Tezuka doubted Fuji or anything but from the first day he met Fuji Syuusuke, Tezuka had found the young man intriguing although he hardly showed that. There seemed to be something much more to that smile he constantly carried, something much deeper.

"Till we meet again, then." Tezuka nodded stiffly and left the room quietly, closing the door behind him.

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