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Log: Tezuka/Akutsu [Aug. 28th, 2005|09:02 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


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Date: Probably August 20th or something
Rating: PG-13 because of Hirai/Akutsu's potty mouth.
Summary: Tezuka and Akutsu meet in Tezuka's office to talk about specific issues.

When the sun was still high in the sky and shadows outside were scarce, Akutsu invited himself to barge into Tezuka's office without so much as a knock.

"Tezuka, did you confiscate my cigarettes?!" he exclaimed, looking a bit red from the heat and maybe stress of anger.

The summer day was an extremely hot one, and officers who unfortunate enough to be working indoors today had taken the toll, including Akutsu who sweated enough for his dark, long-sleeved shirt to look damper than had he been at a water-themed amusement park.

Tezuka looked up from his paperwork, took a glance and resumed his previous activity of going through the various case files.

"Go out, knock the door and wait before I allow you to come in. I am quite sure your manners weren't confiscated." He said in an uninterested tone.

A short silence followed and Tezuka looked up at Akutsu again. "Hirai-san, out."

Mumbling something incomprehensible under his breath, Akutsu slowly made his way towards the door, almost seemingly nonchalant.

Once he was finally outside the office and the door was closed, a stiff, soft, and rhythmical knocking came into the room from outside the door.

"Come in." Tezuka said as the door opened and he closed the file he had been looking at. "Have a seat, Hirai-san."

Sometimes, Tezuka did why he had never sacked this officer. He had been caught smoking, was often not neatly dressed and was hardly the image of a police officer. More like a gangster, rather.

"Well, it has come to my attention that you have been smoking in the office. I suppose you do know the rules, Hirai-san?" Tezuka asked, his face as stern as ever.

"Yes, yes," Akutsu replied, not paying attention to his superior's face as much as he should have. "Of course I do. I know you know I've been smoking around, but you could've at least told me beforehand. I almost -"

But Akutsu stopped himself before he got into anymore trouble. Years of several negative consequences taught him better than to argue against people who could fire him at any given moment. That, and he was tired.

"You know what, just screw it." he said. "Let's just go over the list now, Tezuka-sama."

Tezuka raised an eyebrow in the turn of events. He had expected a fierce retaliation from the latter.

There had been fierce gossip in the keisatsu headquarters when Tezuka had approved Hirai's transfer to the HQ from a neighbourhood police post. Some even speculated that Hirai was Tezuka's gay lover, much to Tezuka's immense displeasure. Wagging tongues were silenced when Tezuka threatened to fire rumour mongers.

But Tezuka was Tezuka, and being a perceptive one, he saw past the many flaws of Hirai and saw the fierce loyalty that Hirai possessed. Something certainly uncommon in such a mercernary society.

"Before that, this." Tezuka took out the confiscated item and slid it over to Hirai. "Don't get caught again." Ignoring the look of surprise on the man's face, Tezuka continued, "I trust you know this list is top confidential so you have to guard it carefully. Let's run through the list of names first."

After hearing this, Akutsu took the list of names with all the suspects. At least they both were on the same page.

He dropped - more like threw - the list in question onto Tezuka's desk. There was no need for a genius to see how the important documents, probably containing several years of suspicion and work, were treated. A wrinkle here and there along with an occasional doggy ear was, perhaps, acceptable in some circumstances, but when there were stains of some unknown but most likely common beverage, the papers just looked like a nine-year-old's homework.

"What is this shit?" Akutsu grumbled, acknowledging more of the content of the documents more than quality. "Who can read any of this! Is this in code? Kanji? What the hell did you give me?"

"Well, of course it's in code. Such sensitive information cannot be left lying around in broad daylight so we have to disguise it as some grubby document." Tezuka stated as if addressing a particularly stupid student. "In case you're wondering, this came from the Intelligence Department."

"The thing is, you need to be able to decipher this code. Tezuka paused. "Do you think you need my help, Hirai-san?" It was not a question, but more of a challenge.

In the back of his mind, Akutsu cursed the Intelligence Department.

"All I need to do is decipher this thing and take a look at the suspects and the like, right?" Akutsu replied to Tezuka's manipulating question. "I'll do it. Without your help."

Grabbing the documents and not aware of Tezuka's attention, Akutsu spontaneously added, "Of course, I wouldn't have to do shit like this if the Intelligence Department didn't have time to do nothing but scratch their asses and make crappy-looking documents. If you'd have been a better leader, maybe good officers wouldn't leave and that department would have better things to do."

Hirai stopped abruptly, nearly shocked the hell out of himself, and just realized what "Akutsu" had just said.

Those words stung but Tezuka, appearing as unruffled as he could, sarcastically said, "Oh, would you like to take over my position then, Hirai-san?"

If only bakas like him knew better...

Akutsu, at the current moment, was almost thankful that Tezuka was such an Ice King. But even Ice Kings had feelings. Tempers, too. A sense of humor, though, was even more rare. But he actually hoped that Tezuka actually - gasp - made a joke, because kami-sama help the keisatsu if Tezuka were to actually leave. Like anyone else could get the lazy-ass keisatsu to do anything.

The thought of it made Akutsu... laugh. And laugh he did. Not too short but long enough to feel real and creepy.

"So," Akutsu began. "Even our great Tezuka-sama thought about quitting!"

Another laugh. He didn't even notice Tezuka's reaction. Then, he leaned forward, making his eyes hold contact with Tezuka's.

"Kunimitsu," Akutsu said, daring to address his superior by his first name. "Don't you dare say that to anyone else in any way. It gives people ideas. And don't you dare trust anyone. I'm only saying this once.

"But if you really are thinking of quitting, may I have one request?"

Tezuka raised an eyebrow at that. "Go ahead." He said coolly, leaning back into his swivel chair.

"Don't give me your job," he said. "But give me the authority to thoroughly search ex-cops."

Tezuka considered carefully. By doing so, he knew it would possibly incur the wrath of many for he did know that a number of keisatsu were involved in the yakuza. The keisatsu weren't exactly the most clean police force around in the world.

Then again, Tezuka did not really care. After all, he was called into the police force for such a purpose.

"Alright then." He finally spoke. "You can be assured of that."

Many would think that Tezuka was insane enough to trust this scruffy looking cop who smoked openly in the building but Tezuka knew better. And he did not entrust such a task to Hirai-san for nothing.

"If there's nothing else, you may leave." He said curtly as he opened the file he had been reading earlier. "One more thing," He said without looking up. "No more smoking inside the building. At least, don't let anyone catch you and lodge a complaint again."

"Don't tell me what to do," Akutsu said in reply. He made his way towards the door, papers and cigarettes in hand. "Because I already know, fucker."

He said the last part rather quickly and a little softer; he also left before his superior could respond. One of the reasons why Akutsu hated working for the keisatsu was all the damn, stupid orders. By now, though, he started getting used to it, but he still did not like it.

He strided to the front of the headquarters after he placed the papers on his own desk, and opened his box of nicotine-filled sticks. However, as he held his precious cigarettes in his hand, Tezuka's words still echoed in his mind.

Damn it, he thought before he walked back inside.

From: kisakisa
2005-08-29 08:16 am (UTC)
YESSSS!!! A new log! XD I knew this rp still had some last breaths left! XD Yay!!!
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[User Picture]From: lame_joker
2005-09-01 06:00 am (UTC)


XD me too!~ thought we were dead and gone for good.
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