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Self Log [Sep. 23rd, 2005|03:55 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


Date: 27th August (day of bombings)
Rating: G
Summary: Misfortune after misfortune. Woe!

It was exactly 3.30 pm when Tezuka received the call. He was in a foul mood then, having just barked at his officers for being too slack and not seeing much work being done.

"Tezuka-san! This is Eien!" The voice came over the phone in an urgent tone. "Something…something bad happened!" Eien? Was he not the new officer he had just posted from the Tokyo Headquarters to the Hokkaido unit?

"What is it Eien? Speak properly. No one is going to understand you..."…”

"The Hokkaido Headquarters was bombed!" Just then, the door swung open to reveal his secretary.

"Tezuka-san, there are hordes of reporters at the entrance of the building trying to get in! They want to ask questions about the Hokkaido HQ! What bombs and all? Oh Tezuka-san, what is happening?!" She asked frantically, trying hard not to betray the fear in her eyes.

It was little wonder people said misfortunes appeared one after another.

"Hang on. Get the officers to stop all reporters from entering the HQ! GO!" He shooed his secretary away. "Eien, what is the situation like over there now?" He asked urgently in the phone.

"I...I don’t know!! The people are in a state of panic!! No one saw who did it!! Oh Tezuka-san, you must come over now!" The younger man wailed over the phone.

"Calm down Eien." Tezuka said reassuringly into the phone. "I’ll be over at Hokkaido soon. Don’t lose your head and be cool." He placed the phone back onto the receiver and drew in a sharp breath. He stood up and walked briskly out of his office.

He entered the lift and waited for it to whirr into motion and bring him to the ground level. This was too sudden. And he hated it because it caught him off-guard, catching him unprepared. Whoever did it sure knew when to strike.

He saw Hirai and the other officers frantically trying to prevent the mob from swarming into the HQ. He was dismayed at the sight of the scene. It was absolutely chaotic.

"Ah, it’s Tezuka! Tezuka-san, what exactly happened?!" A reporter shouted from the back. A flurry of questions followed as they tried to gather as much scoop as they could possibly could.

Tezuka held up his hand to signal the crowd to quieten down. With a cool and collected face, he cleared his throat.

"It is unfortunate that such an incident has to take place right in the heart of the keisatsu itself, resulting in numerous deaths. As of now, we are trying our best to assess the situation and gather as much details. We appeal to the public not to get too paranoid as the keisatsu do our best to get the root of this."

That seemed to have an effect on the reporters and they murmured among themselves, scribbling frantically in their notepads. Seeing that he had their attention, Tezuka ventured further. Looking steeliy into the video camera nearby, Tezuka spoke in a quiet voice.

"The Keisatsu condemns such acts of violence and on my reputation, I swear that the culprits will be caught. Thank you." With that, Tezuka motioned to the officers to follow him as the last of the reporters were pushed out of the building.

If anyone had noticed, a lone tear had trickled down Tezuka’s cheek although he brushed it off immediately.

The grief and horror of it all. Yes, the war had only just begun.

[User Picture]From: natsu_yuki
2005-09-26 02:35 pm (UTC)

this is ooc.

tezuka is ....crying. *awwww....*

Joker sings 'I started a joke, that started the whole world cryin...'
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[User Picture]From: keisatsu_tezuka
2005-09-26 02:48 pm (UTC)

Re: this is ooc.

i demand a GROUP HUG!!
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[User Picture]From: natsu_yuki
2005-09-27 06:58 am (UTC)

Re: this is ooc.

Theres only one of me here, but hell..


it goes round, so more of less makes a grp. XDXDXD
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