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Log: Hikaru/Hanamura [Nov. 25th, 2005|02:55 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


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Date: Probably a few days after the bombin'
Rating: PG for mentions of the cancan (Just kidding)
Summary: Date-ooooOOoooooOOooOOooOoo. Hanamura takes out Hikaru and they have "the talk."

A veil of darkness had only begun to cover the streets of Tokyo. And under a soft cover of light from a lamp post stood a woman in red. About everything she wore was red. Red lipstick, red hair, and even a red dress and jacket to match were all a part of the standing woman. Her name was Hanamura Aoi, the lowest ranked of the bosses who held the yakuza together.

She waited for ten minutes already for her date. Of course, getting angry would be a very understandable gesture, had she not been twenty minutes early in the first place. Still, she could not help but feel annoyed that Joker was not early, being the slightly punctual person she was.

And it was then that she saw a head of wild, orange hair walking across to a nearby street that went away from the meeting spot. She quickly followed suit of the man, leaving the assigned meeting spot.

Where the hell is that idiot going?

Joker sauntered along the street. He always sauntered, goodness knows why. He'd just taken a trip to the salon and had his hair trimmed, recolored, washed, conditioned and styled. It still looked the same, but hell he'd always taken extra care of it. He turned the corner and across the street, stood Hana-sama.

So the boss was early. Sheesh. Should've known.

Instead of crossing the road and going right up to her, he took the same route. Sneaking a peak over his shoulder, he saw that the lady had already taken the que and followed suit. She was still some distance off.

He walked into a cozy bistro and surveyed the crowd. Or rather, the lack of it.

'Table for 2. And please send me a bouquet of royal gala roses. It's for the Red Lady. She'll be coming soon.'

The waiter left. Joker sat in the corner of the room and drummed his fingers.

Pushing through the packed crowds, Hanamura finally reached the place where she saw Joker disappeared to.

"A bistro?" she questioned allowed. It was unfamiliar but inviting. Well, at least the bill will not be much of a problem. She entered and soon saw the nearly-empty restaurant with the master of bad puns sitting right at the corner.

She did not wait to be greeted, and casually, yet quickly, walked over to the corner, where Joker was sitting. Before he could even think of helping her, she sat in her seat in front of him. She wondered if he knew she was following her.

"Well, Joker-" she began before she interrupted herself with a gasp as a beautiful bouquet of roses suddenly appeared in her view. "It seems like you know how to charm a lady."

Joker half smiled and grunted sheepishly. He was still in a holiday mood, having finished his mission way ahead of schedule.

'Well…its only a little token of appreciation. Let's get straight to the point, shall we?"

He paused slightly, then leaned his elbows on the table, closing the distance between him and his superior.

'Please tell me everything you know about me. Even a clown like me knows that my real name is not Joker.'


'Wait..a..minute.. My folks didn't really name me that did they?' and in jest, he feigned a shocked look of disbelief.

'Please, Hana-sama. I only tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sorry. I mean I only want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.'

Hanamura stared blankly into the young man's eyes. How long has it been since they found him, wondering in yakuza territory? The thing was, Hanamura had a bit of a soft spot for Joker, because he was a little different than any other of the yakuza's masterpieces. She considered him the yakuza's one, true masterpiece. How could she not consider raising her attention to a masterpiece that the yakuza themselves, with no previous memories and programmed morals, which most recruits need to get rid of, made? His thoughts, his experience, and the end results of all his training fascinated Hanamura.

He really was the yakuza's adopted baby. But now, this baby was all grown up, though in all technicality he had the thoughts of a late teen, and he wanted to know about his origins. Sometimes, she hated taking the position of a "mother" at times such as this. However, she knew very well she had to be cautious at times like these.

"Joker," she began. "I regret to inform you that I may not have as much information as you might want. I'm still a relatively new boss and do not know too much about matters such as yours. Though, I'm willing to give you some information as well as my own reasoning to help you figure out your name. However, you must give me your word as a man that you will not repeat any of this information to others without consent nor tell anyone that I have given you this. Will you give me this?"

'A man always keeps his cards in his hand
If he doesn't keep to it, may he dance bad cancans.'

Agreed. He mellowed down almost immediately and gently nodded his head.

'I'll bring it to my grave. If it’s too heavy, I can always use a bellboy, and then bring the bellboy to the grave too. If they cremate me, then just make sure that it’s biodegradable...'

She couldn't help but irk those last ones. Inwardly, Hanamura cursed how her usual, professional exterior broke because of a horrible joke. Joker's jokes are one to be fearful of...

When she recovered, she realized a waiter had served water and placed menus in front of them. She took a menu and began the strenuous beginning.

"... I guess we should start at the beginning. First, I need to know everything you know about yourself before we found you, anything familiar. Tell me."

Joker twiddled with his fringe.

His eyes scanned the menu, but his head was somewhere else, as usual.

He woke up in a hospital. He could hardly move. There were tubes and drips stuck all over him. He had laid very still for the better part of the time and he could remember...nothing.

When he could control his bodily movements, be had took liberties to untangle himself from the mess of tubes and walked ard the room. It was padded and isolated. The door wasn't locked.

He walked and walked. His eyes took in everything. His head was still light. He walked barefoot, out of the hospital.

"You there! Where are you going?!"

And he ran. He didn't know why, but he ran. The man gave chase, but couldn't catch up.

The wind swept through his hair.
And it felt good.

"Amane! Stop him! He got away!

It didn't take long for him to find the gang in an alleyway.

Then he got a name.
Trainings, classes, his own apartment.
All within these few years.
He was wanted. They were family.

It wasn't really significant, but somehow this was the only thing he clearly remembered.


'Amane.' He repeated out loud. 'That's the only thing that I took from the hospital.'

Only by the time that she finished choosing what she wanted from the menu and after Joker said that name did she remember the full situation.

"Amane?" she whispered like an echo, lost and slightly fogged up. What this name meant was beyond her. A friend, a pet, a memory, and even his name were all possibilities. She already began to scan her own mind for any person connected to that name And so far, to no avail. "Do you believe this could be your name?"

Joker sat quite still for some time. And he figeted a little.

'I need to get more information. If it's my name, how come I can't find any info on me?
If there's anything strange that I can remember, it's this place. I know the area better than the back of my hand. Yet...'

I've only been to this area twice. Once when I missed my stop while sleeping, and now...

Joker stood up suddenly. Why hadn't he thought about it? Then he knew why he hadn't.

This place, this little town so near the countryside, was more than halfway across the country from the HQ. The hospital he woke up in was even further away from the HQ.

It was possible. Very possible.

'Hana-sama,' he gulped, before slowly sitting down again.

'I think I grew up here.'

OOC: Natsu_yuki, any mistakes, just tell me. Fun "date."