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Log: Kisarazu Ryou & Hanamura Aoi [Dec. 20th, 2005|08:09 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


Date: After the date Hanamura had?
Rating: PG for saying the word "drugs"
Summary: Ryou gets tortured! Ryou reports to Hanamura about business.

Hanamura sat on a chair in the lonely office. She had finished her work for thirty minutes now and was ready to come home. However, she was waiting for someone. And being early never really was one of the best things to do when one wanted to wait for someone.

Then again, this meeting was quite important, and she knew better than to cancel and leave when there was still so much she had to do.

So, she stared at the ticking clock above the door frame, waiting for Kisarazu Ryou so she can start the much-needed inspection of their drug-trafficking program.

Kisarazu Ryou pulled back his long, black hair and tied it into a ponytail. For some reason he wanted to look his best today, since he had an appointment with none other than Hanamura Aoi. Not something that happens everyday.

He looked himself over in the mirror. He wore a dark purple turtleneck, over it a black shirt that was halfway open. On his chest a thick silver chain rested against the turtleneck, and around his wrist he wore a similar chain. He had black pants with a purple belt, the buckle being silver as well. Black shoes and a black leather jacket. Well, he guessed he looked as good as he could, since he didn't own a costume.

He did one final adjustment as he stood in front of Hanamura's door; he undid his ponytail since he never felt comfortable with his hair tied up. It might look sloppy, but he really didn't care. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Ma'am? It's Kisarazu."

"Come in." Hanamura said while she smoothed some wrinkles off her yellow business suit fixed her hair as best she could by rearranging her bangs, which became quite messy during her working time, in the proper direction. She believed a subordinate should never see their boss looking their worst and unprofessional.

As the young man entered, she could not help her habitual habit of placing her hand on her cheek and blushing at such a fine specimen.

Ahh, Avenger, she thought. To her, he was a fine specimen filled with a painful past, yet maintained a classy type of beauty in the process. She eyed him from head to toe, noticing the apparel he chose to wear. The clothes were something Hanamura would normally consider informal, but she knew better and realized those were the best he had. She had to commend him for his effort. For someone with a lower status, he looked well-groomed and proper.

With each glance, Hanamura remembered what she liked most about the one known as Avenger. He was such a mystery. Avenger did a great fabulous job of hiding each feeling over a cold exterior. He did not talk of his past much to others. (At least, he did not to her.) But most importantly, she loved his sometimes-harsh eyes. For some reason, she liked people like Avenger, because taking them apart and finding out what was underneath was so...

She blushed even more.

However, she knew better than to let these personal desires take over and hurried over to a more professional position, folding her hands on the table to restrain her bad habit.

"I assume you understand what this meeting is about?" she asked.

Kisarazu nodded, hair falling in front of his face but he forced back the immediate urge to brush it away. Really, there could be two reasons for her to summon him. Either she had a new assignment for him, or she wanted him to fill her in on how work was going. Or it would have something to do with the recent events in Hokkaido. Whatever it would be, it would break the monotone life he was leading right now, or so he hoped. But really, he didn't have the slightest clue. How... unprofessional.

"Of course, ma'am."

"Have a seat, Avenger-kun." Hanamura said, beckoning him and indicating with her arm the chair in front of her. "So, how is your business running?"

Kisarazu straightened himself up and walked over to the chair offered and sat down. One leg thrown comfortably over the other and arms crossed over his chest. "Not well. People are getting too scared to deal in our goods it seems."

Hanamura narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her forehead at that. This did not sound good.
"I'm curious, Avenger," she began. "When did this fear began to happen? It did not seem apparent until recently, I assume, for you to inform us only now."

Nodding shortly, Kisarazu answered her in a low, almost monotone voice: "Things started go to wrong maybe three weeks ago. I noted a peculiar change in a few of our clients’ behavior. It's as if they actually fear that the police could be onto something."

A list of thoughts sprang in Hanamura's head. Perhaps the keisatsu has some pretty competent officers she overlooked. Perhaps she did not calculate how unpopular the yakuza had become. Perhaps there was a different factor into this. She wanted to ask a million questions. However, she had priorities and asked the question that mattered the most.

"And how has this affected our profit?"

Well, wasn't that typical? Kisarazu frowned. He had the exact numbers written down on a memo that he had over at his desk, but he really couldn't remember it on the top of his head. How... stupid.

"Our profit this month has been about 10 percent less compared to the past couple of months unfortunately."

10 percent...

Hanamura hissed at the thought. How could something like this be so overlooked? She will have to inform the other bosses of this horrible predicament. If only she had began this sooner.

"Avenger, tell me if the Hokkaido bombing had any impact on your current status."

She realized now, that there was nothing to do except gain as much knowledge as possible and find a resolution with the other higher ups. Until then, she had to work in the present.

Kisarazu resisted the urge to lick his lips nervously. He would not show any weakness in front of her. He would not.

"Actually not that I know off. Speaking of that bombing... It sounds pretty interesting, but I don't know the details, I'm afraid."

Hanamura narrowed her eyes and darkened her tone of voice.

"And how," Hanmura began. "Does this relate to your work, Avenger? I believe your work is in drug-trafficking. Unless, of course, you have some ulterior motive?"

He could have bitten his tongue of. This was... stupid. As in damned over the top crazy stupid. He shouldn't provoke Hanamura like this, he did value his job, and in one way, his life, and right now it would be highly inconvenient if either of them ended.

"Of course I don't. I stepped out of place. I'm sorry; it's none of my business."

Hanamura giggled a bit. Just a little bit. And then, a sly smile grew on Hanamura's face.

"I am very glad you understand, Avenger." she said. "Although, I'm pretty sure you'll learn about it one way or another. Consider this a test to see how well you can gather information."

She thought for a minute.

"By the way, Avenger, have you come across any suspicious or dangerous keisatsu lately?"

"I see", Ryou mumbled again resisting the urge to wipe a few stray strands away from his face. He thought for a moment, and then shook his head.

"Actually, no. But there was something that bothered me. One of ours thought that I was from the keisatsu myself, for some reason. I never said anything that could indicate that, so I don't understand where he's coming from."

"A keisatsu?" she inquired. "Who said this? You don't have the look of a keisatsu..."

My, my. This was interesting. How very interesting. Was Avenger hiding something? Was he trying to frame someone? Perhaps one of the members was going mad? Did the guy who questioned just had too many drinks? Oh, how she loved how this man kept her thinking on her toes like this!

"To accuse a fellow comrade deserves some questioning, especially at a time such as this."

"This man was a strange one, I'll give you that. I take it you know him? Tall, red hair... I believe his name is Joker." Ryou reached up his hand to pull some of his hair behind his ear, more out of habit than anything else.

"And I take it he mistook me for someone, someone from the Keisatsu. I swear I have no idea why he would do that, and I'm not accuising, I'm simply stating a fact."

Hanamura chuckled.

"Oh, I see. It's Joker!" All of a sudden she seemed to be less tense and a little less interested. "Okay then, I'll ask him about it the moment I have a chance to speak with him. He, of all people, should no better than to accuse. Don't worry about it Avenger-kun, I'll handle this. Until then, watch out for anyone that could be pretending to be you, but don't forget to give a formal, written report to Oyabun later on."

Though seemingly calm, Hanamura was getting a little unsettled on the inside. Was Joker getting his memories back? Could there be some kind of connection or relation Avenger had to the keisatsu? She would have to check this soon.

"I understand", Ryou said firmly and made a mental note of continue to be wary of this Joker fellow. He was a strange one indeed.

Seeing as the woman's attention drifted away from him, Ryou began shifting a little in his chair, wondering if she was done with him for now, but not really sure he should ask, since he didn't want her to get annoyed again. He did not want to anger her.


"Is there anything else you want from me, ma'am?"

"Nothing more," she replied. "Although, this does not excuse you from you obligation to report to Oyabun."

She thought for a minute.

"And don't stress yourself out. Stress will not help you improve your department's economic status. I expect a rise in our profits the next time you report, understand?"

A thought flashed through Ryou's head - he had still made quite the fool out of himself in front of Oyabun, a fact that he would probably never forget - before he forced it back down into the pit where he shoved all the other unwanted thoughts that had a tendency to go through his mind.

Ryou got to his feet and bowed politely at Hanamura. "Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am!" And yes, he detested sucking up to people, thank you very much. But it was all a part of the game everyone played.

"Then I believe this meeting is over." Hanamura said with an almost flirtatious wink, almost knowing for sure Ryou would not like it.

Of course the fun could last only so long. This report brought about much more things Hanamura had to settle. Maybe she could have more fun with the boy again sometime soon...

Ryou bowed politely, deciding to ignore that wink she gave him. He did not see that. Of course he didn't. And he would not stand here and blush like a stupid schoolboy. He muttered: "Thank you so much", before quickly slipping out of the room. No, he did not really do authority figures. Especially not female ones. He needed a drink.