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RP Log: Tezuka/Fuji - Keisatsu v.s Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG

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RP Log: Tezuka/Fuji [Mar. 12th, 2005|11:57 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


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Date: 11 March 2005
Rating: A very safe G...for now.
Summary: Fuji gets his long awaited meeting with Tezuka.

Fuji checked the time. He had his meeting with Tezuka soon. He didn't want to be late, but he didn't want to be too early. He waited, and watched the time. Soon... Tapping his foot he tried willing the time to pass, certainly if he stared at the clock too long someone would notice his lack of usual activity. Picking up a stack of papers he feigned busy.

Finally the time came and he kept himself to walking at a usual pace as he got to the door and knocked, awaiting an answer.

Tezuka had been at his desk the whole day, sorting through the various paperwork. It had not been easy trying to finish his work after attending the conference in Montreal on 'Police and Terrorism' which he frankly found it a huge waste of time. It did not help that every other minute, an officer would knock on his door requesting his signature for various documents which he was was fairly certain his assistant Kirihara was able to handle, if only Kirihara was in the office most of the time. He would have to have a talk with the young commissioner soon.

He glanced up irately at the knock on his door, the 11th one for the day. "Come in." He snapped. It sure wasn't Tezuka's day today.

Shyuusuke took a step back at the tone. That was never a good sign.... Taking a few breaths he opened the door and stepped in. "Tezuka-san, if you have I minute, I'm here for our meeting, otherwise... I can come back when you're not busy." He spoke in a small voice filled with concern.

"Fuji-san?" Tezuka looked up in surprise. He suddenly smacked himself mentally for forgetting the meeting with Fuji today. "Actually... " He was half tempted to ask Fuji to leave and return at a more convenient time but he was reminded that Fuji had been waiting for quite some time to speak to him already. "...Please take a seat. You've been wanting to speak to me regarding...?"

"Well, a few things actually. One of them is really important for you." he took a seat across from Tezuka and looked at the floor as he spoke. "You see, one of my informants told me that there has been a mention of you in a resturant. And of of the yakuza members was there that day, and was planning on doing something... rather drastic if you were to return." He looked up at his superior officer, eyes full of concern. "I was worried about what may happen if..." he trailed off

"You mean Le French?" Tezuka asked nonchantly. So, that young man really was part of the Yakuza. Tezuka's intution was never wrong. "I appreciate your concern Fuji-san, but I think i can handle this myself. Is there anything else besides this?"

"Are you sure you can handle it, Tezuka-san? I don't know whom in the Yakuza it was, but there was deffinately talk in the resturant of having the chief or waiter alter your food and maybe drink if you were to return. Please stay away from there Tezuka-san." Fuji's voice gave away a slight amount of a mix of frustration and worry at Tezuka's response to him.

"As I said earlier Fuji-san, I know how to handle this. Now, is there anything else you wish to tell me?" Tezuka asked, with a hint of annoyance. Why couldn't Fuji get the point that he was busy and had no time to deal with such trivial matters?

"The only other thing is about my partner and I going undercover. I was wondering if we could try to go deeper under. It's more dangerous, but I think that I have a lead, and I want to try to follow it." Hrm, Tezuka was much harder to crack than anyone he'd come up to yet. He would have to switch to plan B then.

Tezuka raised an eyebrow. "Go undercover?" Subconsciously, Tezuka's hands folded themselves neatly. It was always a habit of his to do so whenever he was thinking. "Is it really necessary, Fuji-san?" He finally asked after a somewhat longer than usual pause.

Fuji nodded. "I think it's the only way for me to properly be able to follow this lead. The Yakuza aren't exactly the most trusting group of people. The person responsible for tapping the phone lines is deeply imbedded in the yakuza, and the only way to find out who it is, would be to try to get into the circuit enough to discover who it is." Fuji explained matter of factly.

Tezuka nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe you're right. But I'll need to consider this carefully. Undercover operations have always been dangerous and I don't wish to lose any of my officers as yet." He paused. "And even if I do give the green light for your request, only one person will go undercover." Tezuka looked Fuji straight in the eye as he firmly said this.

Fuji nodded. "I understand sir. I would personally take on this task. I think Kisarazu-san is still too young for a mission that dangerous thus far anyhow." He bowed deeply. "Please allow me to do this, Tezuka-san. I want to figure out who is behind this for you. ...for all of us. I don't think we can effectively fight the yakuza if they are able to figure out what it is that we are doing. But of course if you have any other suggestions, I'd be willing to follow them as well. Although I believe this would be the most effective way." He looked up. "I'm sorry if I am speaking too boldly."

"Yes, Kisarazu is indeed too young for such a task. But as I said earlier, I still have yet to decide if the undercover operation should go ahead. I am impressed by the dedication you have shown towards this case but again, no promises." Tezuka took off his glasses, rubbed them hard and wore them again. "And Fuji, I do not promise that you will get to go undercover, especially if i feel that someone else is more suited for the job. I just want to make sure nothing screws up." Even though Tezuka was impressed by Fuji's boldness, his replies were guarded. It was simple. Tezuka trusted no one, not even himself sometimes.

"Thank you for the compliments, Tezuka-san. But I really want to be the one to see this through. I will of course understand if you pass the mission on to someone else if you decide to approve this. But I know this case and I want to see it through to the end. If you do end up choosing someone else, I would at least like to work with them. Please grant me this, sir." Fuji bowed once more.

What a persistent guy. Tezuka sighed as he leaned back into his swivel chair. He thought for a moment and then sat up. "Very well then. I'll promise you that if i do get someone else to do the undercover operation, you'll still work on the case. Is that alright with you, Fuji-san?" Tezuka asked, somewhat weary by all that negotiation and fairly certain that a headache would ensue shortly. "If there's nothing else, I'll inform you of my decision by Monday." He reached out into one of the open drawers to grab a Panadol tablet, only to find his supply exhausted.

"Thank you, Tezuka-san." He looked over and saw that Tezuka was going pulling out some kind of medicine. "Let me get you some water, Tezuka-san." Without even waiting for an answer, he went out and grabbed a glass of water, bring it back. "Here you are, sir." He said lifting the glass to Tezuka's lips.

Hurriedly, Tezuka took the cup from Fuji's hands. "Thank you for your kind concern, Fuji-san." Subconsciously, he touched Fuji's hands and realized that they were pretty soft. Not surprising since Fuji rarely left office duties. Perhaps the undercover operation would be good for him after all. "If there's nothing else, then you can resume your duties." Tezuka said, still somewhat disturbed and looking clearly uncomfortable.

Fuji took the pill and set it to Tezuka's lips. "Thank you very much, sir. Your health is the concern of us all." He pushed the pill into the older man's mouth, letting the tip of his finger go past his lips.

Tezuka nearly choked on the pill when Fuji pushed the pill into his mouth. He was not pleased at all and the minute he managed to swallow the damned pill, he glared at the petite commander. "I thank you for your kind concern but I hope you understand there is a certain protocol to be observed in the office at all times." Tezuka said icyily. "Out now, please."

"Of course, sir. I'm sorry, in the future I will try to contain my concern." Fuji bowed and walked out with a smile on his face. He had gone a bit too far, but at least he enjoyed himself. There was something delicious about the expression on Tezuka's face when he'd managed to get a finger in the other's mouth. He rubbed his finger. It was his trigger finger, and proving itself again as his lucky finger. Indeed he could not wait until the next time he had a meeting scheduled.