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Log: Fuji Syusuke & Kisarazu Atsushi - Keisatsu v.s Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Log: Fuji Syusuke & Kisarazu Atsushi [Nov. 30th, 2005|11:58 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG
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When: Backdated to April, wtf? @.@
Why: Atsushi wants to see what's up with Fuji.
Rating: PG-13 boarding to R?
Summary: In where Atsushi plays the stalker, the blushy first date, and the drunken clueless pervert. Or something.

Kisarazu Atsushi didn't really know what he was doing here. He sat in his car, hands on the steering wheel, face against the hands. His mind was fairly blank. It had been over a month now, that Fuji had quit the force, and he had been assigned to doing odd jobs here and there, not really putting his heart into his work. He did his best, no doubt about that, but he worked like a robot, never questioning anything, never taking initiatives on his own. To put it simple: He had slumped down into a slight depression, and finally he felt it started to affect his work. He had to pull himself together, he knew that, but first he had to find Fuji. He needed to talk to him.

At first, he had been searching all over Tokyo, trying to get a glimpse of the fair-haired young man, but to no avail. Some people thought his behavior was a bit off and a little creepy, and they told him so, something that caused him to calm down. He would find Fuji eventually; he didn't have to stalk the poor man. The simplest solution to his problem hadn't hit him, maybe because it was too simple, but when it finally struck him, he realized he had wasted a whole month for nothing. The simplest solution was of course to visit Fuji in his home. So here he was, in his car on the parking lot outside said home. He had been waiting half an hour now for Fuji to show and it was getting pretty late. He started to re-think his idea; maybe it wasn't the best thing to do... Maybe he should go home.

Syusuke bowed a fifth and final time to his boss, telling him he was going home, having to give the stout Mongolian man a kiss on the cheek. He had tried to recline the third glass of some strange mixed drink the older man had been drinking, and finally was able to do so. With his things in a bag and the cash in his pockets, he'd slipped out into the cool night.

He had taken to walking home; it felt good after the long shifts to feel like one was actually a living creature. The job was mind numbing to put it mildly. He just had to smile, ignore being groped and just be pleasant. It was something that he had always had to do. There was no chance to use his brain in schemes of how to trick one organization for another. It was boring.

His plans were all going perfectly. Maybe that was the problem, it was too easy. Undercover for both organizations... it was like having a horribly boring vacation. Once he gave Tezuka the names, there wouldn't even be anything to do. The police would bust the people the yakuza were tired of, and the job would be complete. He didn't have to do anything at all except tell Tezuka a couple of names.

Well... at least maybe he could go back to working at the police force, then he'd have something to do to keep him busy.

So lost had Syusuke been in thought, that he had walked a few steps past his own home. Turning around he walked up to his door. The time off the force must have taken its toll, because being distracted was not something he could afford to do. Giving a quick look around him, he noticed a suspicious looking vehicle with a man inside.

Ah well, the man could deal with his neighbors, and if he was looking to rob, Syusuke, it wasn't like the former officer and current yakuza member didn't have an array of weapons inside. He went inside and kicked his shoes off. He was tired, and after tossing off a good portion of his clothing onto the floor, he dropped onto the couch and looked up at the ceiling.

Atsushi had more or less dozed off, but an unfamiliar movement made him snap back to attention. He squinted his eyes, trying to focus in spite of the dark surroundings. He recognized Fuji the moment the lithe young man stepped into his home, and Atsushi couldn't help but blink. He had expected the younger man to arrive in his car, that he had apparently walked home caught the dark haired police man off guard. Well, walking was good for you... He wondered if Fuji worked close by, or if he had walked a long time before arriving here. That would be dangerous, wouldn't it?

Deciding he had no time thinking, Atsushi got up and locked his car with a quick squeeze of his keys. The car made a small sound, blinked two times and then died down entirely. Satisfied, Atsushi tucked away the keys again and walked up to Fuji's door, ringing the bell two times. "Fuji-san? It's Kisarazu, I'm sorry to bother you at this time of hour, but I need to talk to you..."

Syusuke got up groggily from the couch, having barely slipped into a light sleep. Someone had come to pay him a visit after all, he grabbed a small pistol and opened his eyes fully. Without even thinking, he got up and opened the door, not having really heard what the other person had said and not having bothered to put in his blue contacts either, leaving his natural hazel eyes showing. He pointed the gun at the person's head. "What do you want?" Fuji asked, none too politely.

The first thought that shot through Atsushi's head was - strangely enough - Wasn't Fuji-senpai's eyes blue...? Then he took a startled step back, thought quickly if he should pull his own gun, then decided against it, since any movement might force the other to pull the trigger. And that would not be good. At all. "I just want to talk", he finally managed to blurt out, forcing himself to look relatively calm.

The voice sounded so familiar and worried that it snapped Syusuke out of his sleepy haze. That was when he realized who it was. He quickly pulled the gun down to side.

"Kisarazu! I'm sorry, thought you were that stalker that's been coming around here." he lied, motioning for the other man to come in. As he opened the door, it was obvious where his clothes had gone to, the floor littered with his shirt, socks and pants. Noticing the state of his living room he made a quick apology. "Sorry about the mess, I was a bit tired after work."

Atsushi visibly relaxed, but as he entered Fuji's home, he frowned a little. "You're being stalked? That's really not good, Fuji-san. Are you all right?" His eyes fell upon the socks - they were very pretty and suited Fuji's angelic features perfectly. Atsushi sighed and continued: "And look... I'm sorry I came unannounced like this, but I've been really worried about you, and well..." He trailed off, not really sure how to approach the subject matter.

Fuji shut and locked the door, setting the gun aside. He waved off the stalker issue for the moment. "I'm perfectly fine, just a little tired." He motioned for his last partner to take a seat on the couch, following the other man and taking a seat.

"I take it Tezuka told you about everything then." Syusuke stated, reclining into the soft cushions. At least now he could talk to the other man. "Sorry for any stress it put on you, but an officer has to do what he must."

Everything? He really didn't say much, did he? Just that he had to stop seeing Fuji and other confusing facts. Atsushi wasn't about to let that show though. An officer? Was Fuji referring to himself or to Tezuka? Fuji wasn't an officer anymore, right? "So... Are you okay?" Stupid, stupid question, but it was the first thing that came to his mind.

"I'm not in the hospital all shot up, am I?" Syusuke said with a chuckle. "I'm a little better at my job than all that." He ran a hand through the other man's hair. "How's the office?"

So he was still working? Things made less and less sense, and Atsushi could feel how his grasp of things kept slipping away from him in a steady, uneasy pace. He wetted his lips and gave a small sigh, then decided Fuji needed an honest reply to his question. "Well... Tezuka has us working on different leads, but I can't really say I have my heart in it, I'm afraid. There have been no new accidents, though. That much I know. But we really aren't getting anywhere with the Yakuza. I'm sorry, I wish that I had better news to tell you..."

Fuji shrugged, not really expecting the police to have been getting very far. After all, he was one of the people making sure they DIDN'T progress very deeply into it.

"So, for what reason am I graced with your presence?" he asked brushing a strand of hair from his eye to behind his ear.

Atsushi dared to flash Fuji a quick smile before he answered. "Well, first of all. I was worried about you. Working odd jobs like that really didn't seem to be good for you, judging from what I read in your journal. I hope you don't think I'm too nosy. If you want me to leave you alone, I will, but..."

Fuji leaned in closer, staring into the darker haired man's eyes. There was something there. Something... that could not be left unexplained.

"What exactly did Tezuka tell you about my leaving the force and what I've been doing since?"

Syusuke had a bad feeling that he had spoken too much. He really did need to be more focused. In the past something like this never would have happened. But it was that sense of slight confusion with false confidence that made Fuji concerned about what he had spoken to his former partner. And yet... there was something else in Kisarazu's mannerisms. If only he could figure out what it was...

There was no fooling Fuji Syusuke in the long run, he would have known that. Atsushi wetted his lips and first thought that maybe he wouldn't have the guts to look Fuji in the eyes as he spoke, then his education and sense of discipline kicked in, and he looked up, facing the brown eyed young man. "The truth? He said something along the lines that you resigned for personal reasons, and that you wished that I would not seek contact with you ever again."

"I see." Syusuke said, giving it a few moments of thought.

"Well... I am sure you can guess that there is something else, so I will let you know this much, as far as Tezuka-san is to know, we have not had any contact of any kind. It would also be best if we keep contact to a minimum until I finish what I'm working on. If I'm successful I will be returning to the force. If not then... I'll leave you a message on how to get in touch with me."

Fuji's words took their due time to gather themselves up inside Atsushi's head, but when he finally pieced everything together, he let out his breath slowly, leaning forward. "You're on a mission, aren't you?" He paused, searching desperately for the right words. "Please. If there's anything I can do to help... Of course I won't tell Tezuka about this."

Syusuke smiled as Kisarazu agreed to help. "You're such a sweetheart, aren't you?" he asked, placing a gentle kiss on the other man's cheek.

"If you want to help me, I'm sure there are a few things you can do." He ran a hand down Kisarazu's chest.

Atsushi blinked, taken completely off guard. Here they had been, talking about some very serious things, and now Fuji started to come on to him? Well, his body really didn't mind, the whole situation just added to his growing confusion. Slowly, almost reluctantly, he reached up with his hand and placed it on Fuji's soft cheek. "I want to help. I promise."

"That makes me happier than I can tell you." Fuji said with a smile. If nothing else, he now had Kisarazu's loyalties. When he went back to the force it would be something very useful to have if they were partnered back up. Otherwise he would have to start all over again.

Getting up and going to the kitchen, Syusuke grabbed a bottle of vodka and two glasses before returning. He poured the both of them small glasses. "I can get you a splash of something in it if you want. Or a smoke maybe?" he asked, knocking back a bit of his own glass. "Might as well make yourself comfortable while you're here."

"I'd love to have something to drink and a smoke, please? It's been a long day..." He followed Fuji's advice and made it as comfortable as possible on the couch as he tried to relax. Fuji seemed pretty okay after all, and he wasn't mad at him for snooping around. That was good. He wondered what they'd might do though. He wouldn't really say no to sex, but if Fuji wanted to talk instead, he would make sure he'd talk. He didn't want to have any secrets between him and Fuji, it didn't really seem right.

Fuji grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and returned, offering them to his partner. "So what exactly have you been investigating now? Still working on the phone lines, or has Tezuka-san moved you on to something else?" He waited patiently for the other man to light up before beginning. After all, any information he could get would be helpful. If he could at least meet with a boss to exchange some information about what the keisatsu were up to while he was still playing up the rest of investigation, it would give him something to do.

Atsushi lit the cigarette and inhaled, feeling how the toxic smoke filled his airways and brought a slight dizziness to his head. He exhaled, making sure he had his head turned away from Fuji so that the smoke wouldn't come in the young genius way. He took a small sip on his glass, then shrugged.

"As far as I know, we aren't really getting anywhere. I've been moved onto odd jobs, a lot of paper work, actually. I've only been out in the field a few times. Nothing heavy. I know I shouldn't complain. It's relatively safe, and I get paid well enough. And it's wrong to say that it is meaningless, isn't it? Because it isn't. It just... I really don't know. It feels a bit meaningless." He paused, taking another sip on his glass. "I'm sorry. I must sound really whiny, right? I guess I've just been in a sort of daze lately... I miss you."

Syusuke continued sipping away at his vodka as he listened. Meaningless, yes, no doubt what he was being set to work on was rather meaningless. Safe, though, no argument on that. But the younger man just seemed so sad about everything, so... lost.

The young man didn't even seem the slightest bit whiny. But the daze he claimed he was in would explain his behavior if nothing else.

But then... then the simplest most sincere sentence came innocently from Kisarazu's lips. He sat for a moment before realizing that he was silent. "No, you're not at all whiny. I'm sure once Tezuka's sorted some things out you'll be able to go back to more interesting work. Just hang in there, I'm sure you'll be fine."

He poured himself some more vodka. "It's certainly been boring around here without anyone to keep me company. I've had to take to designing bonsai in order to keep myself occupied."

When Kisarazu didn't respond to his joke he smiled. "I was just kidding about the bonsai. To be honest I prefer plants that I don't have to take a lot of care of. " Turning to Kisarazu, he nudged the other man's shoulder.

Designing bonsai? That sounded really pathetic, not something that was suitable for a person as mysterious and beautiful as Fuji Syusuke. Atsushi frowned, but let up a little bit when Fuji said that he had been joking. Atsushi wasn't too sure about that, though. Just as he inhaled on his cigarette once more, Fuji nudged him on the shoulder, and since Atsushi wasn't really prepared, he jumped a little - he was ticklish after all - and choked on the smoke.

After coughing a good 30 seconds, he managed to get a hold of himself. He wiped his eyes that had become teary, and gave Fuji a weak smile. "Sorry about that. Uhm... I'm not much of a plant person at all. I have a few, but they're all plastic." He shrugged, not really sure what to talk about, and since he didn't know, he just took his glass and downed all the vodka in one gulp, nearly choking again.

Syusuke rubbed his friend's back as the other continued his coughing fit. He hadn't really expected to surprise Atsushi so badly the first time, and he had most certainly not been prepared for him trying to down a whole glass of vodka. "Take it easy."

Fuji poured some more vodka into the now empty glass. "Just sip at it, this isn't a girly drink that you can knock back and not get hit by it."

Looked like plants weren't the only thing that Kisarazu wasn't too experienced with. "Can I get you some water?" Fuji already started towards the kitchen as he asked.

Atsushi took a deep breath, then nodded as he felt his thoughts already becoming a bit unfocused. "Yes please... Sorry for your trouble." His shoulders slumped and he stared at the table in front of him, feeling utterly stupid. "Say, Fuji... I'm sorry if I'm asking things that aren't my business, but... You live alone, right? Do you have any family or relatives at all? I'm sorry if I'm nosy, but I really would like to know more about you..."

Not quite sure how to go about this type of conversation at such an hour when he honestly was very tired, he figured he could be somewhat honest. But he decided to keep his precious family members out of it.
"I live alone. It's more peaceful that way. I mean, I have parents, but they separated when I was young. I haven't seen my father in ages and I don't really talk to my mother. My younger brother is living somewhere near the city, but... he doesn't really get along with me too well, so I haven't seen him in a few years." He paused deciding not to even mention his sister. "I'm not sure if that's really what you wanted to hear or not... but I hope it answers some of your questions.

He came out of the kitchen with a newly placed smile on his face. "Here's your water." Fuji said, handing a tall glass of ice water to the other man. "How about you? Do you have a girlfriend or live with your family?"

It was fairly obvious to him that a man that went about tracking down someone just before dawn most likely was single, but it was only polite to ask anyways.

Atsushi stifled a yawn behind his hand, then gave Fuji an apologetic smile as he took the glass of water offered. He drank almost all of it, slowly, careful not to get into another coughing fit. Fuji's story disturbed him somewhat. There were so many unanswered questions. As to why he didn't really talk to his mother and why his younger brother apparently didn't get along with him. But since Fuji didn't really seem eager to talk about it, Atsushi knew it wasn't really his place to snoop around.

Putting the now empty glass away, the dark haired man shrugged. "I live alone. I don't really have any close relatives, only my brother, but I haven't seen him in years, so I don't even know if he's alive or not." Frowning, Atsushi decided that he maybe wasn't ready to go down that track just yet, besides, it wouldn't be too interesting for Fuji to hear about that, would it? "Well, maybe that's why I tend to get pretty involved in my work, and my friends at work." Especially those that I've had sex with...

"I see we have something in common then. Although, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. That must be very hard to deal with." The answer didn't really shock him at all. Perhaps it was noticeable in the lack of comfort he offered the other. Well, if nothing else, he could always claim he was tired. But the other did seem upset by the lack of knowledge about his brother.

"You know, it's not always helpful to displace a deep emotion. One may not always find oneself to be as productive as could be thought. Sometimes, it's better to talk about something that is really hurting than it is to keep it inside." Syusuke give Kisarazu a gentle but serious look. "I've been told that I'm a very good listener."

"I'm sure you are..." Atsushi sighed, then looked down at his empty glass. "Uhm... Some more...?" He leaned back, closing his eyes. Fuji was a very calm person, he could be right about him being a good listener, and Atsushi didn't mind talking. He just didn't know where to start. He thought hard, then finally...

"Our parents died when we were very young, we don't remember them, either of us. We got to live with our grandfather. He wasn't exactly fit to take care of kids, and he was much into discipline and order. We rubbed him the wrong way, I think. Especially when we decided to grow our hair long, he thought we looked like... Well, you know...

He was especially hard to my brother, and, well... I guess that shaped him into something that maybe wasn't so good... We had a huge... argument eight years ago, and well... We haven't spoken since then. Somehow, I think he... I think he hates me."

Nodding, he went to the kitchen. It was always easier when someone didn't have to see your face anyhow. But then again... the boy probably needed comfort.

As he returned and gave the once again full glass to his old partner, Syusuke thought, just for a moment, seeing how delicate the situation obviously was. "That seems... pretty devastating. Have you ever tried to track your brother down since?" Fuji sat down on the couch and put an arm around Kisarazu. "Just incase maybe he thinks the same way you do, that you hate him." Fuji sat down on the couch and put an arm around Kisarazu.

Atsushi nodded gratefully, accepting the glass. He took a few sips of the drink while contemplating Fuji's words. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that Fuji had put his arm around him, but when it sunk in, Atsushi smiled and tilted his head a little, so that his head rested against Fuji's shoulder.

"I have tried", the young police man replied after a few moments of silence. "I guess I've could have been more aggressive about it, but I wasn't. The result is... no luck. But I've thought about that, you know... About him thinking that maybe I hate him. The last time we talked he was pretty upset, and he said that I was to blame. I don't know what he was talking about, unfortunally, but it bothers me."

"It must be frustrating not being able to even find the answers." Syusuke said after a long while. The younger man seemed so childlike at that moment. Perhaps in a way he was a bit like a little boy, left all alone. Perhaps Syusuke could even find a way to help him find his brother. After all, why not? It's not like he'd been up to much within the yakuza anyhow. And until Tezuka was finished with the undercover mission, he wouldn't be doing anything for the keisatsu either. Telling himself falsely that it would just be something to pass the time, he made a mental note to start the search the next morning.

Taking Kisarazu's hand, he gave it a firm squeeze. "As soon as I can, I'll make sure to give you the answers to some of your questions. Once the keisatsu are satisfied with this mission, I'll tell you what I haven't been able to before now." He looked up into Atsushi's eyes. "I promise you that."

"I don't want you to feel forced to do something you really don't want to do", Atsushi objected, but his voice died down, a faint flush staining his cheeks.

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate the promise. I should get back home soon, but I don't think I'm in any position to drive... I..."

"Trust me, I only do what I want to do." He leaned in and placed a small kiss onto the other man's cheek.

Syusuke looked at the other man. "Let's go to bed then. You can drive home in the morning." He helped the other man to his feet and led him to the bedroom.

After being helped to his unsteady feet, Atsushi wobbled rather ungracefully after Fuji. He still felt confused and as if life somehow managed to drive him over with a truck or something, but Fuji seemed all right enough. Maybe that was all that mattered for now.

... Spend the night? Oh. Together with Fuji. Oh again. Just one bed, right? Triple Oh. "Fu--- Fuji...?"

"Yes?" Syusuke turned in the doorway to the bedroom. Noticing Atsushi's face full of confusion, he smiled. Perhaps he shouldn't mention that he tended to sleep naked.

Atsushi felt that he had to lean against the doorframe, this making him ending up with his face almost pressed into Fuji's, but he was a bit too drunk to realize that he could in fact pull back. "Are we going to..." Now, how to say this? "... Are we going to sleep together?"

"Yes. We're going to have to." Syusuke whispered, smiling.

He led the inebriated man to his bed and gently sat him on one side, before going to the other and stripping out of his clothes.

Atsushi, being a little too drunk to actually make himself look away, ogled at Fuji as more and more of that soft, delicate skin was revealed. He could feel his groin jumping to life and he wanted to curse himself up and down. He really didn't want to take advantage of this sweet young man again, he would feel downright awful if he did... But his body apparently had a mind of its own.

"You... look beautiful", he mumbled, licking his lips.

"Well thank you." Looking Kisarazu up and down he raised an eyebrow. "What about you though? You don't look ready at all." Shyuusuke scolded playfully

Atsushi's blush deepened as he hurried to his feet, maybe a little too fast, because he could feel his head spinning slightly as he stood up. "I... I'm sorry", he stuttered and began to awkwardly undress. "I... I just don't want... You know... to behave... I mean... I don't want to do something bad to you..."

Chuckling, Syusuke laid back in the bed. "Do something bad to me? What would you possibly do?"

Atsushi's breath caught in his throat as he drank the sight of the slender beauty (could you even call a man a beauty? Well, who cared, right?) stretched out before him. "I... I don't know... Bad... things." Oh. That sounded so lame.

"Come here." He patted the mattress for the darker haired man to sit by him.

As the young police man did exactly that, he licked his lips again, refusing to look straight at Fuji. "Yes...?"

"Just lie down and relax. I'm not going to bite you." Well.... No, that would be cruel after saying he wouldn't. Besides, Kisarazu-kun was so jumpy to begin with.

Being used to do as he was told, Atsushi in his drunken state of mind did lay down immediately, his eyes slowly traveling to Fuji's unreadable face. "Of course I don't think you would bite me, Fuji-san... I just don't want to be of any trouble for you..."

"I don't think you will be." Fuji began stroking the other's hair. "Just close your eyes and relax."

"Are you sure...? I..." As he couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, Atsushi decided to just continue to do as he was told, and he closed his eyes. He tried desperately to relax, but the very presence of Fuji's lithe, warm body beside him made that a rather difficult task.

"I'm positive." Noticing that his former partner was still tense, he began massaging his temples.

Atsushi let out a soft sigh as he mumbled: "Ah, that's nice..."

Placing a gentle kiss on the cheek, Syusuke let himself sink into the pillows and pulled the covers up over both of them. "Goodnight."

"Good night", Atsushi mumbled, the alcohol in his body deciding that it would win the battle against the hormones, and he could feel himself slowly drift away.

And please excuse the rushed ending. Fuji-mun and I wanted to finish this. @.@