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RP log: Hanamura and Oshitari - Keisatsu v.s Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG

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RP log: Hanamura and Oshitari [Jan. 6th, 2006|01:09 pm]
Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG


Date: 6 January 2006
Rating: PG
Summary: Hanamura and Oshitari meet to discuss about a certain yakuza member and their plans on the government-shipment of weapons.

Groomed as best she could and a little nervous, Hanamura stood in front of a wooden door, styled in a western fashion of wood. It didn't help that the door also opened like western doors, too. There was something Hanamura always found so eerie about the creaky sounds those doors would make, especially when she was the one who had to enter. Was this how her subordinates always felt when they came to visit her? After she knocked on the wood and heard no immediate response, she decided to take the initiative.As she opened the door, her stiff body softened. Oyabun was always much less intimidating face-to-face.

"Megane-kun?" she called, her head peaking from behind the door.

Oshitari raised his focus from the computer screen. A small smile replaced his concentrated look when he realised who the unexpected guest was.

"Hana-chan. Why, come in and take a seat," he welcomed her as he stood up from his seat.

"Thank you, Megane-kun." Hanamura said in reply. After bowing deeply in respect, she made her way over to the chair closest to the Oyabun. "I believe it's finally time we had a chat."

"About the government's weapons shipment, I believe?" Oshitari inquired, raising an eyebrow as he settled back onto his seat.

"Yes," Hanamura replied. "I just want to have a brief, run-down on the mission, as well as update you on what you may have missed on any recent... occurences."

"Recent occurences, you say..." Oshitari said, "perhaps you'd like to update me on those first..."

"It's nothing too much." Hanamura crossed her legs, showing a little bit of her rarer, laid back side. "But do you remember the Hokkaido bombings I ordered directly to be carried out?

Yes," Oshitari replied, adjusting his glasses a little, "who could forget the chaos they created? What about the bombings?"

"It's less about the bombings itself. It's more about the member who caused them."

She tapped a pen Oshitari had placed nearby on the chair's arm rests while she thought of the best words to place them.

"Well, it seems that Joker-kun may have had some type of revelation. 'Not to mention that there are two things he has done that begin to disturb me."

Oshitari leaned forward slightly in a show of interest. "Joker, you say? What has he done to cause such an effect on you?"

"Well, for one thing, he met with Avenger-kun and accused him of being a keistasu. Although, he did say that he may have just confused him for someone else, which, by the way, makes me a little more shaken up. I cannot help but feel this is something we cannot take lightly."

She began to twirl the pen in her hand a bit. "He also put me in quite the position. 'Quite frustrating, actually. It almost makes me want to kill you. "

"Well, don't," Oshitari chuckled quietly before composing himself, "I feel there must be a reason for his actions. Surely one would not go around accusing his comrades of being with the enemy for no reason. Perhaps we should talk to him about it. What's your opinion?"

Hanamura scoffed at the idea. "Sure," she said, "but only if I don't do it alone. The last time I talked to him, he asked me about his past. Do you know how awkward it was for me? I couldn't answer a thing!"

Suddently, Hanamura paused, suddenly remembering who she was talking to, and fixed her compousre. "What I mean, Megane-kun, is that I would find it more appropriate if you were to talk to him. Apparently, he is highly driven to find his past. In fact, I believe he may even be remembering. It's not like I don't want to help him, but I can't really help much. I believe you are better qualified to speak to him than I am. A pity, though, that such a masterpiece brings much promise and problems."

Oshitari appeared surprised at Hanamura's reaction for a while. Then, he smirked and answered, "I will talk to him then. It's about time I did so anyway...I haven't been communicating much with the other members lately. If a piece of work doesn't give you much trouble or anything at all, then it is not considered a masterpiece, would you not say so? Hana-chan?"

Hanamura smiled and placed her hand on her cheek while she blushed. "Mmm hmmm." she agreed with a mumble a bit. She loved how talking to Megane-kun can help ease the troubles away.

But then, reality struck, and Hanamura quickly stopped that habit of hers, remembering one more key detail she needed to tell Megane.

"Megane-kun, "she began. "One last thing that has disturbed me as of late is our violent decrease in overall finances."

"Well well, what happened to all the people in charge of bringing in the profits?" Oshitari sighed. "I'll call over the heads later and have a little...conference with them."
He wrote a post-it note to remind himself of the conference and stuck it on his computer's CPU, alongside with other notes. "Are we spending too much lately? And on what?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure." Hanamura admitted honestly. "I do have a suspicion that we may be spending too much on weaponary and not paying too much attention on our income. Although, I still have yet to check up on the prostitution and robbery departments. However, I do believe one of the best routes to recovery is the current government weapons shipment we plan to take. "

"The weapons which will be brought in by the government will be of the latest and best technology, no doubt..." Oshitari said, "I take it that you're implying we should sell these weapons?"

" A little more. A little less. Whether we use the technology ourselves or sell it on the black market, we'll gain some type of profit. Right?" Hanamura winked. "Although, assuming we do sell it, I suggest we do so with those we trust. Personally, I would hate to give weapons with better quality than our current stock to our enemies. Then again, the decision is yours, Oyabun."

Oshitari's smirk widened, "Very well, Hana-sama. Or we could keep those weapons for ourselves, and sell away our current ones. So many choices...and we will still benefit in any way. Indeed, you are worthy of your position as one of the bosses in the yakuza..."

"Oh!" Hanamura suddenly said, blushing almost as red as her lipstick and placing her hand on her cheek. "Goodness, Megane-kun, you sure know how to charm a woman!"

How charming, and yet, how embarassing! To act so... childish. Surely, she must act upon Oyabun's compliment. So, she straightened up her glasses with her wrists.

"So, then, shall I compose a team of masterpieces for you to carry out the job?"

"Why, of course," Oshitari smirked. "I've always trusted in your abilities. And I am sure you won't fail in this either."

"I promise that I will not let you down." she replied, standing up and bowing. "I shall begin immediately, assuming you do not have any question or requests?"

Oshitari pondered for a minute, before he replied, "Not at all. I'm looking forward to a beautiful finish to this matter though."

"Then I believe it is time for me to leave." Hanamura said. She had already begun to walk toward the door. But before she left, she said one phrase. "Oyabun, thank you."

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2009-09-11 04:54 am (UTC)


[ooc] it's been forever but i really miss this comm a lot. what i wouldn't do to have it resurrected.

:) natsu_yuki
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