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Keisatsu v.s Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG

Keisatsu v.s. Yakuza :: TeniPuri RPG
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TeniPuri with a difference!!

Welcome to Tokyo, Japan! A vibrant city that never stops moving, Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities around, both technologically and economically. Even though the cost of living is high, Tokyo never fails to attract expatriates from all over the world to come and work and live in Tokyo.

However, beneath the mask of a fun and out-going city lies a dark side of Tokyo that even citizens fail to see.

Unknown to many, Tokyo is also a haven for the Japanese Mafia, more commonly known as the Yakuza. The members indulge in all sorts of illegal activities, all in the hope of making big bucks, escaping from the law and earning a reputation for themselves.

The Tokyo Police has had several run-ins with the Yakuza over the last few years. And the Keisatsu are alarmed at the rate which the Yakuza is gaining new members and territories.

The Keisatsu believes that the Yakuza are out to claim the whole of Tokyo as their own territory. But...are the Yakuza really aiming for that? Or are they gunning for something...more?

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